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Friday, December 13, 2013

#18 of 2013

Dear Poptastic Readers,

#18 in our Top Songs of 2013 is “Signed On My Tattoo” by Army Of Lovers featuring Gravitonas. You can click on the song title to see what Poptastic Confessions had to say about it when it came out. 

This was the second single from the new Army Of Lovers best-of compilation called Big Battle Of Egos. The first single was "Rockin' A Ride." Although the song was recorded while La Camilla was in the group, she didn’t have any vocals on the track. La Camilla left the group after "Rockin' A Ride", and former-member Dominika rejoined the group. There were rumours that Dominika might have some new vocals on the track when it was released as a single. But sadly, she doesn’t.

The song is a duet between songwriter extraordinaire Alexander Bard and his Gravitonas bandmate Andreas Öhrn and bit of Jean-Pierre Barda speaking some sultry French. The song is a bit of a departure for Army Of Lovers as it isn’t very outrageous, but it is a great pop song.

Gravitonas is Alexander (who is also in Army Of Lovers) and Andreas.

The video shows everyone taking many, many trips up and down the escalator. Without spoiling it ... let's just say there is some killing going on. Enjoy!~
In January, Gravitonas will release a single called "People Are Lonely" featuring Army Of Lovers! Can't wait to hear it!

“Signed On My Tattoo” is available on iTunes. Don't delay, buy it today!

Cheers then,
—The Poptastic Confessions Collective

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