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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Paradise by Jody Watley

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Great news! The Queen of Cool Jody Watley has released her latest EP Paradise this week. She has written every song and it is filled with glamour, style and inspiration! The music ranges from disco to funky to house to chill. You're going to love it!

The first song on Paradise is the brilliant single "Nightlife" produced by Count de Money and Jody Watley. Now as you know, "Nightlife" was Poptastic Confessions #1 song of 2013. To read what I wrote about the song, click on the title.

Luminodisco provides the music for the second song is called "Dancer." And it's another song that will get you grooving in no time! It makes you feel good. It's one of my favourite tracks! Seems like fans are picking up on a line that is really fun: "Hundred dollar bills ... even rock this joint in heels!" FABulous!

My other favourite song is called "The Dawn" is produced by Mark de Clive-Lowe. I was fortunate to see Jody perform this song live in Oakland. The lyrics go "Gonna party until the break of dawn!" And indeed, you might with this fun jam. You might even notice some throwback "Yeah Yeah Yeahs" that will remind you of a previous Jody Watley song! It's a wonderful song and I can't stop listening to it!

"Tonight's The Night" picks the beat up even faster with a call that "It's time to get down!" This is the one true club mix on the album. It was also produced by Mark de Clive-Lowe and mixed by Toni Economides. This song is aimed right at the dancefloor, or wherever you want to dance. Even though the beat is faster, it is a bit funky. Fantastic!

The EP's title track "Paradise" slows the pace down, but not too much. It is super groovy. Here Jody tells us what music means to her. And how all the elements come together to create Paradise. "One song can take you back to your past." YES! As music is the soundtrack to our lives, I will no doubt look back on this time in my life when I listen to Paradise in the future!

Paradise closes out with the summer chill groove Soulpersona Raregrooves Remix of "Sanctuary." Jody put this song up on her SoundCloud page earlier this summer. Click on the title to read when it was featured in Poptastic Confessions earlier this month. It's a great way to close the album.

When you buy Paradise on iTunes, it comes with the video for "Nightlife." The video features the Dave Doyle remix, which features former original Shalamar member Gerald Brown singing the second verse. Have a look ...

And the digital package also comes with FABulous 8-page digital booklet, which is where the photographs in this post were taken. The photography was done by Albert Sanchez. Makeup by Billy B. Design by Ray Easmon. And Jody writes some inspirational liner notes to her fans. Jody has inspired me over the years, and she still continues to do so.

Davearama and Jody Watley

Paradise is an album not to be missed. Every song has it's charm. The two tracks I keep playing over and over are "Dancer" and "The Dawn." Both would be great single choices. 

Make Paradise your album for the summer. You won't regret it! Buy it now on iTunes by clicking here. 

Cheers then,

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  1. Great song to an amazing EP by a fantastic artist!