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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Top 100 Girl Groups/Bands: 41-60

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Welcome to Part 3 of our Top 100 countdown of our favourite Girl Groups and Girl Bands from around the world. Today we will list #41-60. Yesterday, we listed #61-80, and on #81-100 on Monday.

Special thanks to Raoni, Nick, Ally, Jason, Ted, Denny, Norm, Craig, Anthony, JT, Jef, Nico, Pascal, Mike, and Arturo.

Here we go!

60. N-Tyce: This short-lived UK group are best known for their songs "We Come To The Party" and "Telefunkin'" in the late 90s. 

59. Say Lou Lou: These Swedish/Australian twins have had some amazing songs in the last couple of years with "Everything We Touch""Games For Girls", and "Nothing But A Heartbeat."

58. Girls' Generation: This South Korean group gets the prize for having the most members! They've had quite a few hits with "Oh!""Run Devil Run""The Boys""I Got A Boy", and "Party" from 2010 to 2015.

57. L’Trimm: This Miami-based duo are best known for their 1988 song "Cars With The Boom." 

56. Wee Papa Girl Rappers: This UK duo was best known for their 1988 songs "Wee Rule" and "Heat It Up." 

55. 702: This American group named after their Las Vegas area code had their biggest hit in 1999 with "Where My Girls At?" Check out "Steelo" and "All I Want."

54. Hepburn: This short-lived UK band had their biggest hit in 1999 with "I Quit." The other two singles were "Bugs" and "Deep Deep Down."

53. Chantoozies: This Australian group had their biggest hits in 1987 with "Witch Queen" and in 1988 "Wanna Be Up."

52. Booty Luv: This British duo had their biggest hits in 2006 and 2007 with "Boogie 2nite", "Shine" and "Don't Mess With My Man."

51. Afro-dite: This Swedish group are best known for their songs "Never Let It Go" in 2002, "Aqua Playa" in 2003, and "The Boy Can Dance" in 2012.

50. Appleton: This UK sister duo is half of the group All Saints. Their 2002 songs were "Everything Eventually", "Fantasy", and "Don't Worry."

49. Luscious Jackson: This American band had thier biggest hit in 1996 with super-cool "Naked Eye." Also check out "Under Your Skin" and "Ladyfingers."

48. Boy Krazy: This American group had a fantastic song called "That's What Love Can Do" in 1993. Also check out "Good Times With Bad Boys."

47. Voice of the Beehive: These California sisters formed the group in London and best known for their songs "Don't Call Me Baby" in 1988, "Monsters & Angels" in 1991, and "Scary Kisses" in 1996.

46. Bardot: This Australian band is best known for their songs "Poison", "ASAP" and "I Need Somebody" from 2000 to 2001.

45. Little Mix: This X-Factor British group is best known for their songs "Cannonball" in 2011, "Wings" in 2012, and "Black Magic" in 2015.

44. The Flirts: They are best known for their dance songs from the early 80s called "Passion", "Helpless (You Took My Love)", and "You & Me."

43. Clea: This UK group met on reality TV show Popstars: The Rivals in 2002. They are best known for their songs "Download It" and "Stuck In The Middle."

42. Toto Coelo: They are best known for their 1982 campy hit "I Eat Cannibals." Also check out the equally campy "Dracula's Tango (Sucker For Your Love)."

41. Mary Jane Girls: This 80s group were backup singers for Rick James, so when they formed their own group, Rick James wrote and produced for them. Best known for their songs "All Night Long", "In My House", and "Wild And Crazy Love."

Wasn't that fun? Check in tomorrow for #21-40!

Cheers then,

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