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Monday, September 19, 2016

Roosevelt Album Review

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Our contributor Jason has written a review of the debut album from Roosevelt. I must admit, the album is really good. Here is Jason's review ...

Cheers then,


Roosevelt – Self Titled

Late summer is a particularly unique and somewhat bittersweet feeling. It’s still sunny but the days are suddenly shorter and you begin to notice a chill in the air. You begin to realize that the summer that once felt endlessly sunny is inevitably coming to a close and dreary days lie just around the corner. 

The recently released self-titled album from Roosevelt (aka Marius Lauber) manages to capture the end of summer perfectly. Falling in the electronic music spectrum neatly between nu-disco and chillwave, the beats and rhythms are sunny and the hooks are catchy. Much of the warmth comes from the use of real drums and guitars as opposed to programmed beats and samples that typically accompany synth-driven music. Meanwhile, the lyrics, combined with vocals and synths that are frequently awash in reverb, imbue each song with a brisk breeze of longing and nostalgia.

Thematically, virtually every track seems to be reflecting on a love affair that has ended or is about to end. “She was ready in the morning/If only I could turn back time/Take me back to the dawning/We’re slipping away,” Roosevelt sings on “Wait Up.” On “Belong” he reflects on “All those passing days/chasing me in the night.” The standout-single “Fever” is one of the poppiest tracks on the album. It is also about a yearning — in this case to “bring back the fever again.”

Even the straight-up dance tunes are not so much hands-in-the-air floor fillers but rather escapist, dancing-by-yourself numbers. "Night Moves" — the most overt dance track on the album, will definitely make you want to move but there is a moody undercurrent running throughout. “Colours” is another energetic number that cuts against the uptempo beats with bittersweet lyrics: “When you left you took your colours with you to make them last.”

“Close” — a not-quite-ballad ends the album on a poignant note. “Hold me ‘til the sunrise/Days are turning black/You’ll be sorry when you realize there’s no turning back.” It’s a farewell with just a bit of sting in its tail, wistfully delivered as if waiting for summer to return again.

Roosevelt’s debut album is available on digital outlets everywhere. Buy your copy today!


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