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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bonus: #21 of 2016

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Today we are featuring the song that came in at the #21 position in our 2016 countdown. It has always been a tough choice to make for a song we love, but just missed the Top 20. That is why we give a special feature.

#21 in our favourite songs of 2016 is “Y Ddawns” by Ani Glass. Click on the name of the song to see what we first wrote about it.

“Y Ddawns” (translated to “The Dance”) is sung in Welsh by former Pipettes singer Ani who goes by the stage name of Ani Glass. Now, you might remember that Ani had two songs in our Top 20 last year with “Ffol” at #15 and “Little Things” at #4. Check out Ani’s video for "Y Ddawns" ...

Wasn’t that lovely? “YDdawns” is available on Bandcamp. Support the artist by downloading your copy today.

To keep up with the latest on Ani Glass, like her official Facebook page. And while you are at it please like Poptastic Confessions Facebook page!

Cheers then,

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