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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Return of Steps — Dancing Queen by Steps

Hey there!

In the UK, there has been excitement surrounding the return of the group Steps. If you live in the US, you probably just said "Who?"

Well, Steps was a manufactured pop group with 5 singers. However, unlike girl groups and boy bands, Steps had 3 girls and 2 guys: Claire, Faye, Lisa, Lee and a guy named H.

The music was bubblegum pop with hooks so clever they were even branded ABBA of the 90s. 

The group's 1997 debut single was the techno line-dancing song "5, 6, 7, 8."

Their second single is what caught my attention as it was a remake of a Bananarama song called "Last Thing On My Mind." Bananarama released their version in 1992 and it stalled in the UK charts at #71. Steps took their version to #6 in the UK charts, as well as #1 in the Belgian charts. Sara and Keren from Bananarama wrote the song, so they got nice royalties!

"One For Sorrow" would be their first US release as they toured with Britney Spears. But the song only managed to hit the US dance charts.

Another remake would take Steps to the top of the UK charts. This time with a remake of the Bee-Gee's "Tragedy."

The hits continued for Steps. And here are just some of my favourites …

In December of 2001, Steps announced on Boxing Day that they were splitting up, and that made a lot of their fans angry.

Later the next year, Claire and H came out as a duo. They had a few hits and that was it for them. The best song they had was called "DJ."

Lisa went solo and had one top ten hit called "Lately."

Earlier this year, Steps reunited for a TV Show where viewers got to find out why they broke up. It was quite dishy, as well as being honest about the breakup.

Steps released a new best of album and it soared to the top of the album charts … 10 years after they broke up. They are doing a tour next spring, and I think it is already sold out.

Steps in 2011 performing an hit from 2000 called "Deeper Shade Of Blue"

They are talking about making new music together. I think they will. They still have fans. In the meantime, they did record a new track for their new "Ultimate Collection" album. Fittingly enough, they have covered ABBA's "Dancing Queen." 

Here's to more Steps in the future!

Boo Shuffle by The Pipettes

OK, I know I haven't written in awhile. Life gets busy, especially when you have kids. But pop music continues and this time with The Pipettes!

I adore The Pipettes! Their first album was very 60s wall of sound. Their second album was like 70s disco with a hint of funk. Of course my descriptions could be wrong, but the music is POP and FABulous!

The latest single, "Boo Shuffle", sounds like it could have been on their first album. So I'm not sure which musical direction they are going, but it doesn't matter.

The polka dots are back! A group of dancers called The Actionettes help out in the video. The daughter of late producer Martin Rushent named Amy, can be seen dancing between Ani and Gwenno and sitting next to The Pipettes at the piano. Martin produced The Pipettes second album.

Enjoy the video! The song will be available to purchase on November 14.