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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gwenno: The Ymbelydredd EP

Dear Poptastic Readers,

I have written plenty of album reviews over the years, but I have never written a review of an album that not sung in English. Until today, that is. Gwenno, one of the singers in The Pipettes, has a solo album out this week and it is sung in Welsh and/or Cornish. I think it is mostly Welsh, but I'm not sure.

The artwork for the EP

The first track is "Ymbelydredd" which translates to "Radiation" and it's a lovely song that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago here. Apparently a video with Gwenno has been filmed. Hopefully it will be on YouTube soon. Here's is Gwenno's YouTube channel, if you'd like to bookmark it.

Track 2 is called "50c." The music sounds like the early years of The Human League. A definite nod to the late Martin Rushent, who not only produced The Human League's classic album "Dare" as well as The Pipettes' last album. Gwenno sings a lovely melody here.

"Astoria" is the third track and it is a short and sweet interlude.

Track 4 is "Ti Yw Madonna." Google translator says this means "Are You Madonna." This doesn't sound like a Madonna song, but it a nice mid-tempo track.

"Despenser St" is a lovely song with a wonderful chorus. You learn more about it in a recent interview with Gwenno.

Even if you don't speak Welsh or Cornish, this 5-track EP is worth buying! I've been listening all day, and even though I don't know the words ... Just make them up and enjoy!

The EP is available on iTunes. Check out Gwenno's Official Facebook Page.

And keep an eye on the Poptastic Confessions blog for a HUGE Pipettes entry coming this week. You won't want to miss it!

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