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Friday, November 8, 2013

Nightlife Remixed by Jody Watley

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Hopefully you have been enjoying one of the best tunes of 2013 ... "Nightlife" by Jody Watley. And now she has released a remixed EP on iTunes with some great mixes of her FABulous song.

The EP starts off with the amazing Moto Blanco Club Mix. This is one for the dancefloor as it makes you want to get up and dance. There is also a radio edit of this wonderful mix. 

Jodie Harsh has a couple of mixes: a club mix, a radio mix and a dub mix. The mixes are great, but she takes out the line "I'm gonna get my drag on." Bummer. As that is one of my favourite lines. Still, the mixes are great!

There is an interesting mix called the Dave Doyle mix that features Gerald Brown of Shalamar (BTW, Jody Watley was in Shalamar, too). I already knew he sang backing vocals on the original version, but this version turns it into a duet as he sings the second verse. And Gerald has some additional vocals that aren't in the original. That makes it fun for the listener.

Next up is the Soulpersona Remix which takes the tempo down and gets your soul groove one. I love it. It just shows a different side to the song.

Then there is the awesome Luminodisco Remix ... Well, just have a listen here.

If you like to dance, or listen to dance music while you work out ... get this EP on iTunes! You won't be sorry!

And ... you can get the original version and extended mixes on "Nightlife: The Classic Extended Glamour EP" ... which is also available on iTunes.

We are still waiting for the video for this divine song. Apparently it has been filmed and it is being edited. Hopefully it will be out before the year's end.

In the meantime ... "It's in the music!"

Cheers then,

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  1. I got my copy last week and have been grooving to it since then. Great mix of Jody's modern sound and her Shalamar roots. And yes, that chorus: "got my nails done, hair done, I'm gonna get my drag on" is sick! Can't wait till Paradise drops.

  2. Wow, Ms. Watley, your Still That One,...:). im going to get this copy off iTunes, as soon as i end this, Shout out, i love the variation's in every copy on Nightlife, all uniquely You, Jody Watley, and totally Danceable, a Must for the Holliday's. One of the most admirable things about all Jody Watleys Music is that you can play all her selections, there is no cursing, Only clean Great Music, what a huge blessing, believe me , It's in the Music'

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