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Monday, January 19, 2015

Madonna Rebel Heart Pre-Order

Dear Poptastic Readers.

Before I get to the 2015 forecast, let's look back to see what music came out in December. Most of December is taken up with my countdown of the year's best songs. So it is really hard to feature new music when it comes out in December.

The BIG news in December was the release of half of Madonna's last album Rebel Heart. Unfortunately, Madonna had someone leak part of her album. So, she released the half that was ready.

So how are the six songs that came out in December? Well, I like two songs out of the six songs released. "Living For Love" and "Ghosttown" are both quite good. Apparently, "Living For Love" is the lead single. Yet, I'm not sure any promotion of it is happening. Stay tuned, I guess.

As for the other songs, I'm not a fan of profanity in songs so I really have no desire to listen to "Devil Pray", "Unapologetic Bitch", "Illuminati" and "Bitch I'm Madonna." I like the melody of "Devil Pray" but I'm not a fan of the drug-use lyrics.

So if I had to do over, I think I would only buy the two songs, as I really like them. And more good news is that I have heard two other songs that were leaked: "Rebel Heart" and "Wash All Over Me" and both are excellent!

In the meantime, here is the audio for "Living For Love" ...

So stay tuned for more Madonna this year! In the meantime, check out the pre-order of Rebel Heart on most digital outlets.

Cheers then,

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