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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Introducing Ani Glass

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Happy July! You might remember my love for The Pipettes and my poptastic interview singer Ani Saunders back in 2012. Since then, Welsh-artist Ani has been the lead singer of The Lovely Wars. Their song "Young Love" came in at #7 in our 2013 countdownWell, now Ani is going solo, and she's using a different last name.

Ani Glass

Ani Glass is her new persona. It is a nod to Philip Glass (not George Glass from The Brady Bunch). Ani said, "Besides being a cool name, I admire his confidence and conviction in making uncompromising music that represents him." To learn more about Philip, click on his name above.

Ani's new music is what we call a double A-side release. The two songs "Ffôl" and "Little Things" are sung in Welsh, the latter one has the chorus in English. "There's no Welsh pop music I can relate to," Ani said, "and a lack of Welsh pop music in general, so I realised that in order to hear what I like, I'd have to create my own."

But don't worry if you don't speak Welsh! These are highly enjoyable songs! Let's discuss "Little Things" first. I absolutely love this song. It reminds me of the Italo Disco synthpop sound. It has a spoken word middle bit that I adore. And the bassline is inspired by La Roux. "It's about how one day you can seem to have everything and the next day it disappears. That feeling of being stuck in a rut and lonely and then meeting someone who helps you back to your path." Have a listen to "Little Things" ...

The other song is called "Ffôl" and it is a bit more downtempo — blending RnB, dub and pop. This song "deals with people's general tendency to complain about things without actually doing anything about them." Have a listen here ...

Both singles are produced transatlantically by Sean Drinkwater (Freezepop) and Aug Stone (The Soft Close-Ups) and Ani said, "They always kept Depeche Mode in mind." Perhaps also The Human League, too. As The Human League's legendary Dare album was produced by Martin Rushent, who also produced the last album by The Pipettes before his untimely death.

Ani and Gwenno as The Pipettes

Ani is also a photographer as well as an artist. I'm a proud owner of a print of her artwork. I bought Dog Plays Piano and it is proudly displayed in our sun room.

Fiercely proud of her heritage, Ani is commited to singing in Welsh. However, she does give us a chorus in English. And as Ani's sister Gwenno taught us back in 2012, music itself is the universal language.

Both songs are released on July 20th on Bandcamp. Bandcamp gives the artist more money per purchase than other digital outlets. So let's hope support this indie pop artist. Mark you calendars! And bookmark these links ...

**UPDATE! Here is the link to download the FABulous tracks!**

Bandcamp: aniglass.bandcamp.com

And remember to like Ani Glass on Facebook!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aniglasscymru
Cheers then,

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