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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

One Strike by All Saints

Dear Poptastic Readers,

19 years after their debut album and 10 years after their last one, All Saints are definitely back!

They have just released “One Strike” — the first single from their fourth album: Red Flag. The song amazingly manages to sound like an All Saints song and current at the same time. Have a listen ...

Ten years ago, when they released Studio 1, it looked as if things were going well for them, but after the album didn’t sell very well, every plan was dropped.

Now I really hope their record label (they’re back with London Records, who were responsible for the release of their first two albums) is being realistic with their expectations and do what they can to promote the girls!

The album Red Flag will be released on April 8th (one week after Pet Shop Boys’ Super. That’s going to be a good month for pop fans like us!)

Cheers then,

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  1. April is going to be a VERY good month for pop fans... Can't wait for "Super" either!