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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Heartlines by Broods

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Sorry for the two-week gap, but I took a mini vacation. Anyhow, on my way to work yesterday, I saw an Instagram sponsored ad for Broods. I liked the way the looked and I checked them out. They have a new song called "Heartlines" that is quite good!

Broods are siblings Caleb and Georgia

I went to their Facebook page, and I had already "liked" their Facebook page. So they must have sparked my interest before! They are a sibling duo from New Zealand. While I can't recall why I initially liked them, they had the following singles: "Bridges", "Never Gonna Change", "Mother & Father", "L.A.F.", "Four Walls" and their single earlier this spring "Free."

Check out the fabulous video for their new single "Heartlines" ...

Wasn't that lovely? Yes!

"Heartlines"  and "Free" are both featured on the duo's sophomore album called Conscious and both are available on digital outlets everywhere.

Don't delay. Buy your copy today!

Cheers then,

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