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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bananarama News 2017!

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Bananarama are making a huge announcement tomorrow! And the buildup has had fans going crazy. Here's what has happened this week ...

On Friday, the social media accounts for Bananarama published this slot machine with 1 banana.

On Saturday, we got 2 bananas ...

And on Sunday (today), we got 3 bananas!

How glorious is that? What is going on? 

The big reveal will come Monday morning in UK on BBC Radio 2's Breakfast Show with Chris Evans.

Be sure that you have signed up the Bananarama Newsletter at their official website. Be sure to like their official Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Look for and use the hashtag: #Bananarama2017

Cheers then,

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  1. Wow....is it possible they are reuniting with Siobhan? **GASP**

  2. Bananarama are the gift that keeps on giving! Being a Bananarama fan is the best thing in the world! ������

  3. How exciting! I expect to see the big news HERE!! YAY!