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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tears On The Dancefloor by Steps

Dear Poptastic Readers,

While we have been going bonkers over the original lineup of Bananarama reforming, we have also been listening to Steps brand-new comeback album Tears On The Dancefloor. This is the album all Steps fans were waiting for. They released a Christmas record in 2012, but that was definitely not what people wanted from them.

This time around they collected a bunch of really good pop songs and returned with a bang. It worked well for them, as they reached #2 with the album on the UK charts and have been in the top 20 since then!

Steps are Claire, H, Faye, Lee, and Lisa

Steps have been on a media circuit this spring talking about the new album. They have even said it contains no ballads. Well, we think that is a bit misleading. While it may be technically true that no song that is slow throughout, it is also true that many of the songs start off slow and sounding like ballads with long introductions before the beats kick in. 

The album starts off with the album’s first single and dramatic “Scared Of The Dark” and this is the perfect example of a song starting off like a ballad before turning into a disco stomper. 

The next song is “You Make Me Whole” — which is quite good. It even feels like it has two choruses. This is one of the most current-sounding songs in the album, but it manages to sound very Steps.

The third track is the next single from the album. It is called "Story Of A Heart" and it was written by Benny and Björn from ABBA. It's a mid-tempo affair with a lovely melody. Hear the original version here.

"Happy" is the track that isn't so happy. It's a heartbreak song with a pulsing dark beat. Perhaps a more appropriate title would have been "We Used To Be Happy."

"No More Tears On The Dancefloor" was written by Darren Hayes (formerly of Savage Garden) and this is the first song where Lee and H shine on the vocals because they sing the verses. Great song with wonderful strings. Hear the original version here.

"Firefly" turns into another stomper once it gets going. A great tune. It’s Lisa’s turn to shine. It doesn’t sound dated, but also sounds like a song that could have been on Madonna’s Confessions on a Dancefloor.

“Space Between Us” is really a standout track on the album, and this song would be a great single choice. Lee and H are full on the verses again. The chorus is just so natural and catchy that it would be a shame for this not to be a single.

“Glitter & Gold” is another amazing dance track. The beat kind of reminds us of September’s “Cry For You,” but it doesn’t sound like a rip-off at all.

“Neon Blue” is a fun song and very reminiscent of their past, without sounding retro. Faye really shines on the second verse and we love it when she sings “I know that you’ll remember when you hear the music play ...”

The album ends with “I Will Love Again” — which is quite the belter. It’s actually a cover of a song released by French singer Lara Fabian almost 20 years ago. But it also manages to sound fresh. Claire totally owns that middle 8.

If you buy the album digitally, which we suspect you will do, there are two mixes: Wideboys in the Shadows Vocal Mix of "Scared Of The Dark" and 7th Heaven Radio Mix of "Story Of A Heart" ... both are very good.

Don't delay, buy Tears On The Dancefloor today! It is an amazing dance pop album!

Cheers then,
Davearama & Raoni

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