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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cruel Summer Fan Video

Dear Poptastic Readers,

This video came to our attention this week of a three young girls who made a fan video for "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama. We think it is amazing.

Now, in case you aren't that familiar with the song or video, Bananarama released the song in the UK during the summer of 1983. The USA would get it a year later in 1984 as it appeared in the movie The Karate Kid. Bananarama filmed the video in New York City, and if you haven't seen the video, or need a refresher, then please watch it here ...

So now that brings us to the fan video that captures some of the same spirit as the original. Check it out ...

When the video was posted by Bananarama fan Michelle, I asked her about it.

"I have filmed videos of my daughter Sunny and granddaughter Peyton since they were little. They have their own YouTube channel and their own Instagram," Michelle said.

"The girls loved the song 'Cruel Summer' when I had it on in the car, and they asked me to do it for their next video. Their friend Malia joined in this time with them too.
Myself and my older daughter drove them around the area and filmed scenes in the two different parks, and our local supermarket." 

"The girls loved it all especially the supermarket scene. I then posted it on twitter and very happy that Sara Dallin commented on it, then on facebook Siobhan Fahey commented."

We love it! Way to go, girls! It deserves to go viral. Please share!

Cheers then,

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