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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Melanie C is back!

Melanie C is back with her first new song in three years. Who is Melanie C? You might better know her as Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls. Melanie C's biggest solo hit was her dance tune "I Turn To You" in 2000. Since then, she's been turning out the more rock 'n roll than pop. And definitely not dance pop.

However, a Spice Girl reunion in 2007 and a baby later, Melanie C is out to make a more dance-oriented album this time around. The lead single is called "Rock Me." She has released two versions of the song. One version is an electro-rock-pop affair, while the other is called the "Dance Version". Guess which one I like more? Yep, the dance version!

Thankfully, the "Rock Me" single is available on iTunes worldwide! There are 2 versions of the song with a bonus track (what we oldsters used to call "b-side"). I've spent so much money over the years ordering CDs from the UK and Europe, that I find it refreshing that artists can make their songs available worldwide on iTunes. 

Here is the video. If you like it, head on over to iTunes and buy it!

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