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Friday, August 26, 2011

An Interview with Sara of Bananarama in 2006

In spring of 2006, I interviewed Sara Dallin of Bananarama for the Pop Life fanzine. Here is the interview ...

Sara and Keren ... Bananarama!

Hello Sara! Fans are absolutely loving this album. And some think it is your best work. How does that feel to know that your fans are so happy about it?

We’ve had great feedback from everywhere we’ve been so far. I’ve read some comments from Pop Life. It’s great!

It is great, indeed! Keren told us that you both sing a verse in “Waterfall.” Can you tell us who sings which verse?

I sing the first verse and bridge, Keren second.

Great! Do you have a favourite song from the new album?

“Look On The Floor” and “Feel 4 U”

Both are favourites of mine, too. Before the album came out, there were some rumours that there were songs called, “Better With You”, “Time Heals Everything”, and “Say You Will When You Won’t.” Do these songs exist?

Only heard of “Better With U”. It was not good enough.

Figures! Will there be a third single? If so, what song would you choose?

I would choose “Feel 4 U.”

Will Drama get a US release?

The album is being released in the US in May.

The cover of the album "Drama"

Hooray! Which is more likely to happen first? A Bananarama song with George Michael or the Pet Shop Boys?

I’d rather duet with Joaquin Phoenix.

Ok, very nice. Are you planning to tour this year?

So much promo at the moment, but we are looking at club dates until we get time to rehearse with a band.

When you perform live, do you find it funny that all the gay boys know the dance routines?

No, it’s fantastic! It doesn’t matter how old they are either!

Well, I’m one of them. XM Satellite Radio in the US has “Look On The Floor” at #4 on their charts. The DJs love it. How does that feel?

Fantastic! I hear it is #1 now!

Is it? Very nice! A few years ago, Keren said in an interview that you had written a song that was too good to give to anyone else. Do you remember which song it was?

“Your Love Is Like A Drug.” It was a great dance mix, different to the album version!

I’d love to hear it! Are you surprised that fans love “Blue Sky” so much? Every couple of months someone online brings it up how good it was.

I loved “Blue Sky.” Very simple and sweet.

Did you know that some fans have made mixes of your songs? I’ve heard a mash-up with “Venus” and “Move In My Direction” that was quite good. What do you think of this?

I love the remixes! They are my favourites!

What do you think of the Pop Life fanzine?

Have only seen a few and they’re great!

Sara and Keren posing with a copy of the Pop Life fanzine!

Did you ever see the old fanzines True Confessions or WOW!? And what did you think of them?

True Confessions was done by a teenage fan from Liverpool, Peter Lorraine, who is now one of my best friends and head of marketing at Polydor.

This interview was featured in the February, 2006 issue of Pop Life.

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