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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh Alright! by Le Kid

If you haven't heard of Le Kid, you are in for a treat! They are a pop music group from Sweden with two female singers, and three band members. They create some wonderful music that truly is amazing. Even though I knew of Le Kid last year, I didn't really hop on the bandwagon until this year. Now, I'm a fan. And if you like happy pop music with gorgeous melodies … there isn't a reason you should deny yourself of loving Le Kid.

Le Kid are: Märta, Johanna, Anton, Helena and Felix.

Last year, they released two singles: "Mercy Mercy" and "We Should Go Home Together." At first, I wasn't crazy about either song, although I liked their style. This year, both songs started to grow on me as I heard other songs from the group. I learned that the members of the band had helped with Alcazar's last album. And suddenly … the pieces of the puzzle started to go together.

The artwork for their first single "Mercy Mercy"


The artwork for their second single "We Should Go Home Together"


Earlier this month, Le Kid released their debut album titled Oh Alright! after releasing 5 singles! I already knew these songs so hearing them all together makes it a veritable cornucopia of poptastic tunes.

The artwork for their debut album Oh Alright!

The first track on the album is the latest single called "We Are The Drums." This song sort of sums up everything about Le Kid. I love it. I'm not sure if they are making a video for it or not, but here is a live performance.

The third track was the fourth single earlier this summer called "America" and it is my favourite track on the album. There is something so melancholy about it that I just love it. And the video is fabulous, too!

The fourth track was the third single and the band's entry for Sweden's Melodifestivalen, which their contest to see who represents their country in the Eurovision Song Contest. The song "Oh My God" didn't win, despite the large spinning cupcakes, but it is still a fun song. The SoundFactory remix of this song is a dancefloor stomper! LOVE it!

Le Kid's "Oh My God" performance for Melodifestivalen

Well, the use of religious words continues with the next song that is called "Bigger Than Jesus." I wasn't sure what to expect when I read the title, but the song is rather dreamy and a haunting downtempo track. I quite like it. 

Next up is song called "Kiss Me." This just sounds like a hit. It also kinda reminds me of the Scissor Sisters in a good kind of way.

A sneak peek of "Kiss Me"

Track seven is the band's second single "We Should Go Home Together." I'll admit, I love this song, even though I didn't know what to think of it last year. I think it is wonderful and video is brilliant. I'd love to be on that cruise! See the video above.

The next track is called "Seventeen" and it is probably the one true "album track" because everything else sounds like it could be a hit. Having said that, it's a nice song. And my 11-year old son loves to sing it ... "What if I were 17 ... would you love me?"

The ninth song is the amazing "Telephone." This is actually the first track I heard from the group as my friend Jason sent it to me saying, "You're going to love this!" I did, indeed! The song was a track that came with the first single "Mercy Mercy." I much preferred this song the single. I also think had this been a single last year, it would have definitely made my Top 20 of the year.

A sneak peek at "Telephone"

"Escape" is the ballad of the album. And it was also an extra track with the first single. It is just so beautiful. I love it. And I love belting out the second verse!

An orchestral live version of "Escape"

The album ends with a remake of The Killers' "Mr. Brightside." They completely transformed this song into their own. And Le Kid was nice enough to give a us this as a free download from their website at the beginning of the year.

Overall, the album is truly poptastic and it is definitely my favourite album of the year! For those of you in the US, the album isn't on iTunes yet. I think it will be in time. Until then, you can find the song "America" on US iTunes and Amazon.com.

The artwork for the single "America" ... available on iTunes and Amazon

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