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Monday, October 3, 2011

Think About Melanie C

Back in June, Melanie C (aka Sporty Spice) was back with a new single called "Rock Me." I even blogged about it here. However, I grew tired of the song very quickly and, well ... it won't be making my Top 20 favourite songs of 2011.

I was a little cautious to give her second single a try. It's called "Think About It." At first, it sounds like an OK pop song. But ever since I downloaded it from iTunes last week, I've been singing this song. And I quite like it! It just might have a chance to be in my Top 20.

Check it out!

If you like it, please support the artist. I got her new album, too ... and well, I listened once and wasn't ready to listen again. I'll give it another spin ... I think there is another hit in there somewhere. The album is called "The Sea."

"Think About It" by Melanie C is available on iTunes.

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