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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bananarama "Now Or Never"

Dear POPtastic Readers,

Sorry I've been away for so long. I took a bit of a vacation and I had a very busy week when I got back.

By now, you probably know that my favourite group Bananarama have a new EP out exclusively on iTunes and Amazon. The EP is called "Now Or Never" and it is produced by Ian Masterson, formerly of Trouser Enthusiasts, who also produced Banananrama's 2009 album "Viva", as well as several tracks on their 2005 album "Drama."

"Now Or Never" is the title track. It starts off slow and epic and then the beat picks up and it turns absolutely euphoric! I think this is one of their best songs, ever! LOVE, Love, love it! I really hope they make video for the song. Even a home-made video would be wonderful!

The second track is called "La La Love" and it is quite catchy! It could definitely work as second single, not a b-side. Both tracks are top-notch songs.

Now, when I found out about the third track, I must admit I cringed a little. It a cover of Maroon 5's massive hit from last year "Moves Like Jagger." My first thought was that it would be like when Bananarama covered George Michael's song "Careless Whisper" in 2001. Many fans didn't like it. And I thought this might be the same. However, while I'm not super crazy about the remake, I will admit ... it's not bad. It's like an electro-dance remake. Keren and Sara's vocals are slightly deadpan, which makes it work. Especially since Christina Aguilera was singing on the original track, it is nice to hear that part sung in a different way.

The last track on the EP is an extended version of "Now Or Never." It's quite lovely, as well.

Now, you can buy this digital EP on iTunes or Amazon. Save your receipt and you can get a bonus track called "Movin' On 2012." This is a remake of their 1992 UK hit. It was their first single as a duo. Sadly, it wasn't released in the US. The remake is nice. The music is current. My only complaint is that the backing vocals are missing, especially right before the chorus. 

To get the bonus track save your email receipt and click on this link from the group's official website. But hurry! You only have until Oct. 20th!

After the first week in sales, "Now Or Never" has landed on the Billboard Charts! #4 on the Dance Single Sales Chart and #11 on the Hot Singles Sales Chart.

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