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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Video for "We Are Young" by Le Kid

Dear Poptastic Readers,

It's been awhile since I wrote ... Sorry, life gets busy and sometimes it can be a slow time for some fun, poptastic music.

It's also been a sad week with the horrible bombings in Boston. The people hurt and the family and friends of those killed are in our thoughts.

Life is short, and we must cherish the fun times. Which is precisely the theme of Le Kid's new video for "We Are Young."

I first wrote about the song last month, and you can hear the song on Soundcloud on that link.

Le Kid's new video is, like many artists these days, a bit homemade. But homemade isn't bad. Just look how it has worked for Bananarama and Annikafiore.

It seems that Le Kid have been working on this video for some time as there are many clips in different places. It is wonderful. It's full of fun and shows just how much fun they were.

This proves you don't need a big budget for a wonderful video. Enjoy!~

Congratulations, Helena, Johanna, Märta and Felix! Le Kid is our favourite Swedish band!

"We Are Young" might not be available in your country for download, but they are working on it. Hopefully it will be soon!


  1. The "homemade" approach to music videos lives and dies by the degree of charisma possessed by the artist(s). Fortunately, Le Kid has this in spades :)