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Sunday, March 17, 2013

We Are Young by Le Kid

Hello Poptastic Readers,

Sorry it has been over two weeks since the last update, but life gets busy. 

While I was a away, the Swedish pop group Le Kid have released a glorious new single called "We Are Young." That is the good news. The bad news is that it might not be available in your country just yet. But they are working on that!

So what does the new song sound like? It's great slice of pure pop. It is indeed POPtastic! The vocals by Helena and Johanna are divine. And the music by Märta and Felix is uplifting. This is anthem. You're going to love it.

Although now that I am in my early-40s, I feel a bit silly singing along to the words "We are young." Hahaha. But my middle name is Youth so that should make it OK for me to be forever young. ~;-)

Unfortunately, there isn't a video yet. I'm not sure if the band is filming one. Hopefully so! I did read there might be a lyric video coming soon.

However, the band has made the song available on Soundcloud and they want you leave your comments. Listen to the new song here ...

Would you like for Le Kid to release music in your country ... Let them know! In the meantime, you can ...

  • Buy "We Are Young" when it is available in your country.

  • And smile, Le Kid is back!   ~:-)

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