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Monday, February 25, 2013

Army Of Lovers Rockin' The Ride

Dear Poptastic Readers,

The Swedish group Army Of Lovers are back with a brand new song called "Rockin' The Ride." The song was part of Sweden's Melodifestivalen (their song selection to see who represents the country in the Eurovision Song Contest). The song didn't win, but is available on iTunes now!

Who are Army Of Lovers? They are dance pop band best known for their songs in the 90s that controversially mixed religious topics with sex. The original lineup of the band was Alexander Bard, La Camilla and Jean-Pierre Barda.

Their debut album in 1990 contained the singles "Ride The Bullet", "My Army Of Lovers" and "Supernatural."

The second album quickly followed in 1991 and it was called "Massive Luxury Overdose." It featured their biggest hit ever: "Crucified." However, after the second single, "Obsession" ... La Camilla parted ways with the group. Her replacement was Michaela de la Cour. 

The album was re-issued with a new cover. More singles followed ... "Candyman Messiah", "Judgment Day" and a re-release of "Ride The Bullet."

For the third album in 1993, "The Gods of Earth and Heaven", the band added another female singer, Dominika Peczynski. They had another massive club hit with "Israelism" and two more singles followed ... "Le Plage de Saint Tropez" and "I Am."

The fourth album in 1994 was called "Glory, Glamour and Gold" and featured the singles "Lit De Parade", "Sexual Revolution" and "Life Is Fantastic."

More turmoil. Michaela left the group. And La Camilla came back! Just in time for "Les Greatest Hits" in 1995.

"Les Greatest Hits" contained the singles "Give My Life", "Venus And Mars", and "King Midas."

The band took a break for a few years and came back in 2001 for another greatest hits compilation with some new songs. It was called "Le Grand Docu-Soap." It contained the singles "Let The Sunshine In" and "Hands Up."

After that ... no more ... until now.

But over the years ...

Alexander Bard has been the busiest with music. He helped form and write songs for Alcazar. And he even gave Annikafiore her stage name! Alexander even has a cameo in their video for "Crying At The Discoteque."

Alex was also in a very successful group called Bodies Without Organs (aka BWO) from 2003 to 2010. Their biggest hits were "Temple Of Love" and "Lay Your Love On Me."

And Alex has been in the duo Gravitonas for the past couple of years. I liked their song "Call Your Name."

La Camilla and Dominika got together with Martin "Miss Inga" Johansson in 2011 for a brilliant song called "Don't Try To Steal My Limelight." They later renamed their band "Happy Hoes."

Dominika didn't return to the Army Of Lovers this time because the reunion was meant for the original trio to get back together. However, I think Dominika will join the Army Of Lovers again. 

In the meantime, Happy Hoes continues as there is a new song called "Nemesis" to be released later this spring. And Army Of Lovers have new greatest hits compilation out on March 4 called "The Big Battle of Egos" and it contains 4 new songs.

For the latest and greatest news about Army Of Lovers and all things related, please check out the FABulous Army Of Lovers Network website. It is AMAZING!

And remember, their new song is on iTunes now. You can see their Melodifestivalen performance here ... Enjoy!~

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