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Saturday, February 16, 2013

You/Me/Evolution by The Amplifetes

Hello Poptastic Readers,

Sorry for the delay in posts, life gets busy. But I have some fun new music to share with you! First up is the new song by the Swedish group The Amplifetes.

The Amplifetes: Tommy, Henrik J, Henrik K, and Peter

Who are they? Well I came to know them because the drummer is Henrik Korpi, a former Murlyn producer. I came to know Henrik when he helped co-write and produce songs on Bananarama's 2005 amazing album "Drama."

Henrik K. co-wrote and produced songs for Bananarama's "Drama."

I reached out to Henrik via email and I asked him for an interview for the then Bananarama fanzine called Pop Life. Henrik agreed and we have stayed in touch over the years.

Henrik Korpi

In 2008, Henrik and three other musicians named Tommy, Henrik J and Peter formed a band called The Amplifetes. I loved their 2011 song "Blinded By The Moonlight." Unfortunately, the music wasn't available in the US back then.

Well, I recently saw on Facebook that The Amplifetes have a new song called "You/Me/Evolution" and it is quite good. I find the song hard to describe. It's electro. It's current. It's a bit retro. It's a bit futuristic. I think you might like it.

Now, the video is a bit ... how shall I say ... disturbing. But art can often be that way. It's not too bad. Just a little cringeworthy at times. But still an awesome song.

And now for the great news! The new single is available on US iTunes. As well as their debut album. Their second album "Where Is The Light" will be available on US iTunes March 4th! Please support the artist by legally buying their songs.

Check out their Official Facebook Page.


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