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Saturday, December 29, 2012

#6 of 2012

#6 in Poptastic Confessions Top Songs of 2012 is "Human Behaviour" by Le Kid. You can click on the song title to read when we first wrote about the song in January.

This glorious single was released at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately it was only released in Denmark. And unfortunately, no video was made either. Listen here ...

The song is really, really good. Actually it is better than good. It is FANTASTIC! This upbeat, happy song is futuristic and retro all at the same time!

Le Kid: Helena, Johanna, Felix and Märta

Back in January we wrote, "The music is reminiscent of new wave, and Helena and Johanna's vocals are so magnificent. The chorus is euphoric! The beat is relentless. This is song that deserves a global release, not just in Denmark."

Well, it didn't get the global release ... But when Davearama interviewed Felix from Le Kid, Felix said they have more amazing music from Le Kid is coming for 2013. You better believe that it will be featured in Poptastic Confessions!

Le Kid came in at #11 on Davearama's 2010 list with "We Should Go Home Together." In 2011, they had three songs on his countdown. "America" came in at #3. "We Are The Drums" came in at #11. And "Oh My God" came in at #21. And earlier in our countdown for this year, their song "Superficial" came in at #13. Those links will take you to my blog entries about those songs.

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