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Sunday, December 30, 2012

#4 in my favourite songs of 2012

#4 in my favourite songs of 2012 is "4 Ever" by Whigfield. Click on the song title to see when I first wrote about the song.

Now, if you had told me earlier this year that the Whigfield of 1994's hit "Saturday Night" would have two songs in my Top 20, and one song at the #4 spot, I probably would have laughed. But so it is.

I had never been a big Whigfield fan. But when my friend Rao sent me a link to her video for "4 Ever" … I couldn't get enough! I had to download the song from iTunes that day! What a glorious, happy pop song with a wonderful melody!

Throughout the year, I always keep a running playlist of new songs. I initially put the song in around the #14 spot, but after a week of listening to it, it was clear to me that this was a Top 10 hit in my book. And it just kept getting higher and higher on my list. A true poptastic success story.

Now, I waited about a month until I bought her album "W." And I can't get enough of it. What a glorious album, although a bit short (only 8 songs). Her third single from the album was the pop dub step tune "Jeg Kommer Hjem" and despite the Danish title, the track is sung in English. I like it, but it didn't make my Top 20 list.

I'm hoping for 3 more singles from Whigfield next year. And if so, you can count on them to be in my 2013 countdown because they are FABulous! They are "Stay In My Head", "Devil Called Love" and "As I Go."

And now, for the adorable video for "4 Ever" … Just goes to show you don't need a huge budget for a lasting video.

Whigfield's music is on iTunes.

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