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Friday, December 21, 2012

#17 of 2012

#17 in Poptastic Confessions Top Songs of 2012 is "Winner" by the Pet Shop Boys. Click on the song title to see what we first said about it.

"Winner" was the first single from their eleventh studio album called Elysium. The song was released just in time for the Summer Olympics. And the song definitely had Olympic fever. The song is very uplifting and I think it is wonderful. And it is my favorite song off their new album, followed closely by the electro-chill track "Invisible."

The video for the song was quite bold. It features the London Rollergirls and their acceptance of their new teammate who happens to be transgendered. The video will make you cry. It is how you want life to be. No, the Pet Shop Boys aren't in the video.

Fun fact: The Pet Shop Boys last appeared on Davearama's countdown in 2010 at #18 with the song "Together." 

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