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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Physical by Le Kid

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Le Kid are back with a new single called "Physical." And it is an amazing slice of Popstastic goodness. And this song deserves to be a mega hit! You're going to love it!

And here is the video for this wonderful pop song ...

Isn't it deeply fab? And speaking of fabulousness ... I recently met Märta of Le Kid when she was visiting San Francisco. I can tell you that she is very sweet and even more beautiful in person!

Davearama and Märta

"Physical" is currently only available on iTunes in Germany or Sweden. So if you have any friends that live there, have them buy the track on iTunes. If you don't know anyone there, email their label and ask to make the song available globally! Le Kid needs world domination! Well, let's just settle for mega hits everywhere! The world is a better place with Le Kid.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself that you have heard this song before. And if you follow my blog, indeed you have. You see, Le Kid released a version of this song only in Denmark back in the beginning of 2012. The song was then called "Human Behaviour" and it was #6 in my favourite songs of 2012. However, no video was made for the song back then, and it was a different arrangement. The new version has quite a kick, and avoids the slow intro.

Love Le Kid. You know you want to. Like their Facebook page. Bookmark their website. Follow on Twitter. Feel the love!

Cheers then,

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