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Friday, December 30, 2011

#3 of 2011

#3 in my favourite songs of 2011 is "America" by Le Kid. I adore this song! LOVE, Love, love it! This is the third (if you count #21) and final song from Le Kid on this year's countdown. I love Le Kid, and I can't wait for more music from them. 

This is by far my favourite song of theirs. I never grow tired of hearing it. The melody is gorgeous. It's melancholy, but it's not quite a ballad. It is beautiful, indeed.

The video is quite clever. With a title like "America", it would be easy to get a little patriotic, like the cover did. (By the way, where is the rest of Le Kid? Both "America" and "We Are The Drums" only featured the singers Helena and Johanna on the cover.) The band looks fabulous in the video. 

Go ahead and admit it ... You love Le Kid, too!

You are in luck! Le Kid's "America" is available on US iTunes! Buy it now!

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4. "Never Let Me Go" by The Human League

5. "Me And My Microphone" by September

6. "Love 2 Live" by Annikafiore

7. "Freedom" by Sugababes

8. "Don't Try To Steal My Limelight" by Miss Inga featuring 
La Camilla and Dominika Peczynski

9. "All Fired Up" by The Saturdays

10. "Boo Shuffle" by The Pipettes

11. "We Are The Drums" by Le Kid

12. "Party In My Head" by September

13. "Beat Of My Drum" by Nicola Roberts

14. "DJ (I Could Be Dancing)" by Alphabeat

15. "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga

16. "Think About It" by Melanie C

18. "Call Your Girlfriend" by Robyn

19. "Hearts In The Air" by Eric Saade featuring J-Son

20. "Starlight" by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Bonus: #21. "Oh My God" by Le Kid

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