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Saturday, December 31, 2011

#1 of 2011

#1 in my favourite songs of 2011 is "Don't Wanna C U 2nite" by Annikafiore. As you know, her song "Love 2 Live" came in at #6 this year. Last year, her debut solo single "Forbidden Love" came in at #8 on my countdown.

This amazing song was written and produced by Annikafiore and Antti Vuorenniemi. While the original version was a mid-tempo ballad, the single version was remixed by SoundFactory and it was turned into a dancefloor stomper! 

This tears-on-the-dancefloor song is amazing, and so is Annikafiore. Not only did she write the song, she published it on her own label. And when the original video wasn't ready for the single's release, she quickly filmed a new video and edited it herself. To me, she is an inspiration. She's doing everything on her own terms, and when there is a problem, she fixes it. 

The song was released this summer and has been a favourite of mine ever since. Congratulations to Annikafiore for hitting the #1 position on my Poptastic countdown!

Annikafiore's music is available on iTunes and CDBaby.com! Buy it today!

And you can like her official artist page on Facebook here.

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2. "Feel 4 U" by Dream Beats featuring Alcazar

3. "America" by Le Kid

4. "Never Let Me Go" by The Human League

5. "Me And My Microphone" by September

6. "Love 2 Live" by Annikafiore

7. "Freedom" by Sugababes

8. "Don't Try To Steal My Limelight" by Miss Inga featuring 
La Camilla and Dominika Peczynski

9. "All Fired Up" by The Saturdays

10. "Boo Shuffle" by The Pipettes

11. "We Are The Drums" by Le Kid

12. "Party In My Head" by September

13. "Beat Of My Drum" by Nicola Roberts

14. "DJ (I Could Be Dancing)" by Alphabeat

15. "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga

16. "Think About It" by Melanie C

19. "Hearts In The Air" by Eric Saade featuring J-Son

20. "Starlight" by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Bonus: #21. "Oh My God" by Le Kid

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  1. Excellent choice, Dave!! I've really enjoyed this year's countdown :-)

  2. A great choice...wonderful song by a super talented artist!

  3. Yay! I'm happy you both liked the countdown!