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Friday, May 3, 2013

Sugababes update

Hello Poptastic Readers,

As you might remember, I love the British girl group Sugababes. Well, they've been on hiatus since their last single in 2011 called "Freedom." It was a great song, but unfortunately the single campaign was not handled correctly. You can read about that here.

Sugababes current lineup: Jade, Heidi and Amelle

And, if you don't know about the history of the Sugababes, let's just say the current lineup isn't the original lineup. Read about that here.

Sugababes lineup 2006-2009: Amelle, Heidi and Keisha

And the original lineup announced last year that they were back together calling themselves by their first names: Mutya Keisha Siobhan, since they no longer own the band name Sugababes. However, all the hype they had last year has taken a toll as they still haven't released any new music.

Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan were the original Sugababes, 
but two of them quit and one was let go.

In the meantime, Amelle from the Sugababes is finally getting ready to release her long-awaited solo efforts. Again, this is taken far too long! A demo of hers was leaked last year and it was scheduled to be released. It even got lots of good press and some buzz. But the single never happened.


The song was called "God Won't Save You Now" and it was a wicked. Not sure what the status is of the song, but you can hear it here.

By the way, Amelle is the only Sugababes to have a solo UK #1 in 2009. It was a duet with rapper Tinchy Stryder called "Never Leave You."


So the big news is that Amelle recently did an interview with a website called No White Noise. You can read the whole interview here. Amelle was asked if we will ever see a Heidi, Amelle and Jade (the Sugababes) reunion. And this was her answer ...

"I think so. We’re still talking about it at the moment. We all wanted to venture into our own things since we all had our little projects in our mind but also in our heads we have been thinking that we’re going to get back together. Even when I’m in the studio writing, there’s definitely a couple that I think “oh, that would be good for us,” as in us three. So I’ll put a couple of tracks to one side. I’m pretty sure it will happen by kind-of next year." (Quote taken from http://nowhitenoise.com)

My Queens: Jade, Heidi and Amelle ... the Sugababes!

It seems we can at least look forward to Amelle solo efforts this year. Maybe Mutya Keisha Siobhan will get around to releasing something. And then we can look for the Sugababes next year. Let's just hope they return by the end of this year. We need some Heidi, Amelle and Jade back in our lives!


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  1. Apparently, MKS will finally be releasing a single this month called "Flatline".