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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

People Are Lonely by Gravitonas featuring Army Of Lovers

Dear Poptastic Readers,

As we reported in our 2014 Pop Music Forecast, Gravitonas and Army Of Lovers are back together again for a song called "People Are Lonely."

Alexander and Andreas are Gravitonas.

You might remember that the two groups collaborated last year for "Signed On My Tattoo" (#18). That was was billed as Army Of Lovers featuring Gravitonas. The new song is Gravitonas featuring Army Of Lovers. And it sounds like it, too. The music is a bit darker and more guitar. It's definitely not a campy song that Army Of Lovers are known for.

Now you might be asking yourself, who is in which group? Well, if you look at the single cover above, Alexander Bard (with the red beard) is in both groups! You see Army Of Lovers was the group he was in during the 90s. After Army Of Lovers stopped recording, Alexander went on to form other groups Vacuum, BWO and Gravitonas (and help start Alcazar). Last year, Army Of Lovers reformed so Alexander just put the two groups together. Andreas (with brown beard) is the lead singer of Gravitonas. And Jean-Pierre and Dominika of Army Of Lovers are in Army Of Lovers shown here.

Dominika and Jean-Pierre are 2/3 of Army Of Lovers.

Alexander sings the falsetto vocals on the new track. I wonder how it would have sounded if Dominika had sang that part? She's not the best singer, but she has sung on previous Army Of Lovers tracks and done fine. But ultimately, it is a Gravitonas single, not an Army Of Lovers one … Dominika and Jean-Pierre are just along for the ride. The video is a bit odd. But now it isn't available on YouTube for US viewers. Booo! So here is a performance ...

"People Are Lonely" is available on iTunes. If you like it, buy it today!

Cheers then,

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