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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry by A*Base

Dear Poptastic Readers,

At the beginning of the year, I posted my 2014 Poptastic Music Forecast. In it, I said that I would love the return of Ace Of Base. And while the original members haven't gotten back together, there has been some action! 

Ace Of Base: Linn, Jenny, Jonas and Ulf.

This summer, they released new remixes of "All That She Wants." I meant to cover it here, but I wasn't crazy about the new remixes. And then I forgot. And there is also a new website called The Ace Of Base Hub. There they've been giving away some demos for free. That has been exciting.

"All That She Wants" 2014 Remixes

Recently, Jenny from Ace Of Base is recording her second solo album and has been touring. And she said that she doesn't think the original four will ever be on stage again. And that makes me very sad.

However, to ease the pain of no more Ace Of Base, a new Ace Of Base tribute group has sprouted and they are called A*Base. The name is a nod to the 90s ABBA tribute group called A*Teens.

A*Base are: Alexander, Malin, Matilda and Emil

Well, if you can't have Ace Of Base back, why not have a tribute group? A*Base released their first single last week. It is remake of Ace Of Base's 1996 single "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry." The original version was clearly one of the group's best tracks and unfortunately, it wasn't a hit anywhere. But it had a killer baseline that was bombastic!

"Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry" by A*Base

A*Base's remake is good. The killer baseline is gone. Having said that, the production is excellent. They've added an extra "that" in the chorus so the words make a bit more sense. Hopefully, A*Base's version will be the hit that the original never was. There isn't a proper video, but there is a lyric video here …

A*Base shows promise. Hopefully, they will cover more of the Ace Of Base songs that weren't massive hits. So while I'm sad there isn't Ace Of Base … I'm pleased there is A*Base.

"Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry" by A*Base is available on iTunes. When I bought it, I had to look them up by Abase. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. Be sure to like their Facebook page, too!

Cheers then,

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