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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

An update of sorts

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Hello! It's already June and I just realized I didn't update the blog for the whole month of May. Sorry about that. Life got busy. And no much new music really made me jump for joy. Thus, no updates here. However, there are some songs and videos that have happened while I was away ...

First up: Madonna. I love her. Not crazy about the new album. Having said that, there are a handful of really good songs. Her second single, "Ghosttown" is one of the good songs. Watch the video here.

Say Lou Lou released a video for their song "Nothing But A Heartbeat." If you click the name of the song, you will see what I wrote about it back in February.  The video is rather long and dreamy — watch it here.

Erasure released the third and final single from The Violet Flame. It is called "Sacred." I like it well enough. But not as much as "Elevation" from last year. Watch a live performance here.

The good news is ... there is a Bananarama singles box set coming in July! HOORAY!!!!!

And a new Alcazar single is out this week in Sweden. It's cover of Wham's "Young Guns (Go For It)." We'll review it later this week when we get it!

And, we know that Glass Slipper is filming a music video. Hip-Hip Hooray!

There is more Poptastic music coming ... so stay tuned!

Cheers then!

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