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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

England Calling by Marcella Detroit

Dear Poptastatic Readers,

Marcella Detroit has a new dance-pop track called "Drag Queen" and it is really good! You're going to love it! Have a listen on SoundCloud. I wasn't able to embed it, sadly. So please click the link!


Now you might remember Marcella as a member of Shakespear's Sister, the band that Siobhan Fahey started when she left Bananarama. Marcella mostly sang backup to Siobhan. However, the one song she sang lead on was their biggest hit. It was called "Stay" and it was a global hit in 1992.

But Marcella hasn't been in Shakespear's Sister since. She's been doing her own thing. I've had known many people who have seen her perform and even met her. They all say she is lovely and very nice and genuine with her fans.

Now "Drag Queen" is fantastic, but her new single is really called "England Calling." It is an ode to the country where she spend weeks at #1 with "Stay." And she also did a reality TV show there: Pop Star to Opera Star.

To see the lyric video for "England Calling," watch here ...

"England Calling" is available on iTunes. We are still waiting for "Drag Queen" to be released.

To find out more information about Marcella, visit these links ...


Cheers then,


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