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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Paper Gods by Duran Duran

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Last month, I bought the latest album from Duran Duran called Paper Gods. I wasn't so sure about it at first. And last week, we saw Duran Duran in concert in Berkeley, California. I'm happy to say that the album has indeed grown on me. Now, if you need a refresh on Duran Duran. Check out our history lesson on the band here.

Duran Duran are: Roger Taylor, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon.

The album starts off with the title track: "Paper Gods." The track features Mr. Hudson — the album's primary producer. It is a strange number as it starts off with an acapella intro. It's a funky song with an awesome bass line and rather interesting lyrics. The song lasts a whopping 7 minutes. I do wish it were a bit shorter. But it's a good song. The band even opened the concert with the track.

Paper Gods album artwork

"Last Night In The City" featuring Kiesza is an amazing track that is next on the album. This has "hit" written all over it! This definitely needs to be a single. Thankfully, the band also performed this live and it got a great reception! Click on the name of the song to see them perform it live on the Today Show.

A photo I took at the concert in Berkeley! Confetti time!

The third track is "You Kill Me With Silence." The intro almost songs like a hip-hop song. But don't be fooled, this is a down tempo track that is really quite good. Very Duran Duran.

"Pressure Off" featuring Janelle MonĂ£e and Nile Rodgers is the fourth track. Of course this is the first single off the album. Click on the title to see what we said about it back in June. But here's a recent performance on the Ellen show with Janelle and Nile ...

The fifth track is "Face For Today." It starts off sounding like a slow song. But it quickly picks up the pace. It really has some nice chords and fun melody. Lyrics are a bit wonky at times, but it adds to the fun.

"Danceophobia" is the stand-out track on the album. This is a full-on dance track that is AMAZING! And it features guest vocals by Lindsay Lohan! This must be released as a single. I absolutely love it!

Another photo I took at the concert. Guess which song was playing?

The seventh track is the ballad "What Are The Chances?" It is a beautiful song and the band even played it live when we saw them. A great track that shouldn't be missed.

The next two tracks are "Sunset Garage" and "Change The Skyline."  They are both songs that I tend to skip. Nothing is really wrong them. I quite like the music of "Change The Skyline" ... but I'm not crazy about the chorus.

"Butterfly Girl" gets the album back on track for me. It's a wonderful song that features female vocals heavily. I thought it was two women singing, but the album liner notes just lists Anna Ross as additional vocals. Anyhow ... it is fabulous!

"Only In Dreams" is a great song, too. I call this the "Vampire in a Limousine" song.

The album closer is "The Universe Alone." It's a nice way to end the album. 

Overall, it's a decent album. I must admit, the first seven songs are my favorites. And I tend to listen to them the most. There are some bonus tracks available online and also the physical copy available at Target.

If you have a chance to see Duran Duran in concert ... GO! It was my sixth time seeing them live and they always put on a good show.

Paper Gods is available on digital outlets everywhere. Get your copy today!

Cheers then,

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