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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Synergy by Sted-E, Hybrid Heights & Crystal Waters

Dear Poptastic Readers,

You might remember last year I rediscovered my love for Crystal Waters and just in time for her fabulous song with StoneBridge "Be Kind." It came in at #6 on our year-end countdown last year! Well, she's back with contributors Sted-E and Hybrid Heights.

I must admit that when I head the name of the song, I cringed a little bit. I have worked in the corporate world since 1997, and any time an account manager used the word "Synergy" ... I've rolled my eyes. Check out these Dilbert cartoons ...

However, the song isn't cringeworthy at all. And it might just be the song to give some love to the word "synergy." The radio edit is a dance song, but low-key in a way. Have a listen ...

Wasn't that nice? I think so! It comes with a fabulous remix package that adds more energy to "Synergy!"

"Synergy" is available on digital outlets everywhere. Go buy your copy today!

For the latest Crystal Waters news, "like" her Facebook page.

Cheers then,

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