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Thursday, March 8, 2018

I Forgot by Clara Mae

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Happy International Women's Day! A big thank you to all of the women who make amazing music that we have featured in Poptastic Confessions over the years. Today, we want to share with you the latest single from Clara Mae called "I Forgot."

Now you might remember that we have been highlighting Clara Mae's music over the past two years. We first came to know of her in 2010 when she was hired to be one of the new singers of Ace Of Base. Since then, she has delighted us with her songs "Strip", "Parachute", "Taped Up Heart", "Drowning", and "I'm Not Her."

Her new song is "I Forgot" and it is the story about seeing an ex-lover at a party four years after the breakup and having all those feelings rush back. We find the lyrics very honest, refreshing, and empowering. 

March 14 UPDATE! Clara released the video for "I Forgot" this week and it is fantastic. It's really good! Have a look ...

Admit it, you want to have another listen. Go ahead. "I Forgot" is available on digital outlets everywhere. Buy your copy today! For you listening pleasure, we've added "I Forgot" to our 2018 Poptastic Confessions Playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!~

Cheers then,
—Davearama and the Poptastic Confessions

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