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Friday, July 6, 2018

Nothing Prevails by Information Society

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Information Society is back with a brand new song called “Nothing Prevails” and we are so excited! They are celebrating 30 years since their debut album!

Now if you just asked yourself “Who is Information Society?” Well, here is a bit of a history lesson. Information Society is a band originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They originally formed in 1982. They released their first EP in 1983 called The InSoc EP. Another EP followed in 1984 called Creatures Of Influence. Their first single “Running” was a US top 10 dance hit in 1985.

When the band released their debut album, the members were Kurt Harland, Paul Robb, Jim Cassidy, and Amanda Kramer. However, Amanda would leave the group during the promotion of their first album.

They hit it big in 1988 with their self-titled debut album that featured two US top 10 singles “What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)” (#3) and “Walking Away” (#9). They also had two more singles from that album “Repetition” and the ABBA cover “Lay All Your Love On Me.” We’ve always loved “Tomorrow” and thought it was a missed opportunity for a great single.

Their sophomore album Hack came out in 1990 and featured the singles “Think” and “How Long.” Both songs didn’t set the pop world on fire, but they both did very well on the dance charts.

Their third album Peace And Love, Inc came out in 1992 and it also featured the lead single by the same name, which was also a huge club hit. Another single “Going, Going, Gone” sort of described their career as they disappeared from the public eye shortly after that. We must admit, we lost track of them around this time.

In 1997, Information Society was back with a new album called Don’t Be Afraid. It featured a remake of Gary Numan classic “Are Friends Electric?” For this album, Paul and Jim had left the band and this was seen as a solo effort for Kurt.

In 2001, a greatest hits collection called Strange Haircuts // Cardboard Guitars // and Computer Samples issued new updated remixes of “Running” and “What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)” taking dance floors by storm. We bought the CD single for the latter and the mixes were ace!

In 2004, VH-1 featured Information Society in an episode of Bands Reunited. However, Kurt did not reunite with Paul, Jim, and Amanda in the show. Kurt wrote an amazing piece on his experience with VH-1 and how they went about it. It was quite interesting and very eye opening to what was going on behind the scenes. It truly is a must read!

Ten years after the last album, Information Society was back with a new album in 2007 called Synthesizer. While the last album was only Kurt, this album was Paul and Jim with a new singer Christopher Anton. However, Kurt did sing vocals on one track. Instead of singles, there was an EP called Oscillator that featured the songs “Back In The Day” and “I Like The Way You Werk It.” Another remix EP followed in 2009 called Modulator.

The trio of Kurt, Rob, and Jim eventually reunited and released two more albums. Hello World was released in 2014 and featured the singles “Get Back” and “Land Of The Blind.” In 2016, Orders of Magnitude followed. We are bummed that we missed them both, especially because we think “Get Back” is awesome! Thanks to Spotify we can hear them!

That brings us to 2018, where the band has been on our radar. We recently watched the Bands Reunited show and then checked out some recent performances on YouTube. While watching an interview with Kurt, we noticed that he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, as do Poptastic Confessions editors Sausi and Davearama. The next week, Davearama spotted Kurt on BART. “I recognized him on my Monday morning commute. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to disturb his life. I just smiled.” Ever since, we’ve been on an Information Society kick this year.

So imagine our surprise when we saw that Information Society has a new song. It is called “Nothing Prevails” and it is quite epic! The synth melody is awesome as is Kurt’s distinguished vocals. The chorus is BIG, and well, we think it is poptastic. June 16 Update: check out the video ...
Wasn’t that lovely? Yes it was. “Nothing Prevails” is available on digital outlets everywhere. There is even a version sung in German! Buy your copy today! We’ve added the English version to our 2018 Poptastic Confessions Playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!~

We are very happy to have Information Society back in our lives! Happy 30th anniversary!

Tripping on your love,
—Sausi & Davearama

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  1. love love LOVE Information Society. T hanks for the hisory lesson! I've tried to follow their latter efforts; they never disappoint! I'm really digging this new track on first listen. I think I need to go make an IS playlist on Spotify!

  2. Twenty seconds in, and I'm sold.