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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Happy 7th Anniversary!

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Happy anniversary to us! That’s right. It was 7 years ago today on June 20, 2011 that Davearama made his first post reviewing the Preaching To The Choir EP by Annikafiore. (Come back, mi amore Annikafiore! The pop world misses you!) A lot has happened over the past 7 years! We’d like to thank you for being along for the ride.

Here is some history about the blog: It was originally called Davearama's Guide to Poptastic Music. However, Davearama thought it was a terrible name and he wanted to give the blog an identity that didn't actually focus on him. In March of 2012, he changed the name to Poptastic Confessions.

“I chose the name because admitting that you like glorious pop music can be somewhat of a confession,” Davearama said. “Plus the word poptastic makes me smile.”

Davearama also mentioned that the name paid homage to Bananarama albums Pop Life and True Confessions. He even modeled the Poptastic Confessions logo after Bananarama’s album WOW!

In 2016, Davearama opened Poptastic Confessions to have more regular contributors. Raoni, Norm, Nick, Jason, Gary, Arturo, and Sausi, and some others that are behind the scenes help bring the music to you.

Over the past 7 years, we’ve used social media to drive viewers to the blog. We have a Facebook page, playlists on Spotify, and this past week we opened an Instagram account. Today, we announce our official Twitter page, which will be run by Sausi O'Sullivan. Please follow us and like and share our posts!

Our mission is to highlight music that isnt heard by the masses. Sometimes that means indie pop, other times it is artists who were popular in the past, or dance pop. Although pop is our first love, we feel that it encompasses many musical styles. We have featured R&B, soul, deep house, country, and even rock. There really is so much good music out there.

We were asked this last year if we get paid for promoting the music. We don't. We do this for free out of love for the music. Sometimes we get to know the artists, and that is really cool. Although we also have to remain objective, especially for our year-end countdown.

Our busiest time of the year is definitely in December. If you are new to Poptastic Confessions, then you should know that every December we do a countdown of our favourite songs that we featured in the blog from the last year. It pretty much takes up the entire month. We start planning ahead in November. December is also the month we get the most views on our blog. Check out our #1 songs over the years ...

We use to have more interviews, and that has fallen by the wayside the past couple of years. We are sorry that we haven't had any recent interviews and we will try and do some more soon. If you missed any of the interviews, check these out …

Annikafiore formerly of Alcazar

Ani Saunders (AKA Ani Glass) formerly of The Pipettes

Gwenno formerly of The Pipettes

*Interviews that Davearama did before the blog.

One of our proudest legacies about the blog is that the delicious deep house duo Glass Slipper formed because Davearama’s friend Brad read the interview with Lisa and saw that they lived in the same city. He contacted her and the rest is history. Lisa calls Davearama their fairy god mother. He loves it!

We also love hearing back from the readers of how much they like new artists because of our posts. So don’t hesitate to let us know! If you know of some great music that we aren’t highlighting, please tell us. We may even ask you to write a review!

Thanks again for being a part of the Poptastic Confessions community. Be sure to check out these links. Please like and share our posts so that more people hear the music!

Poptastic Confessions



Cheers then,

—The Poptastic Confessions Collective

P.S. Let’s remember the brilliance of the EP that initiated the first post: Preaching To The Choir by Annikafiore


  1. Awesome article! And thanks for the mention. Yahoo!!

    1. Thank you for the music, John! And the interview!