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Sunday, December 28, 2014

#1 of 2014

Dear Poptastic Readers,

My #1 song of 2014 is "Not Giving Up" by The Saturdays. Click on the title to read what I first wrote about the song.

I absolutely love The Saturdays! They are such a fun group. They have been on my radar for awhile now. This song stayed with me all year long, even though I had heard it last year! And it almost wasn't a single!

"Not Giving Up" was their last single from their album Living for the Weekend, which was out last year. It looked like the record company was going to scrap any more singles. Well, "Not Giving Up" was such a fan favorite ... they decided to release it as single for the fans. And this fan couldn't be more happy!

The video is lovely! They all look amazing. And the glow lights are fun! Check it out ...

"Not Giving Up" is available in the US on iTunes in the album Living For The Weekend. If you want the slightly remixed single, you'll have to get it on mp3va.com with a prepaid account. The remixed single is on their greatest hits collection Finest Selection. Don't delay. Buy it today!

Cheers then,


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