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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Army Of Limelights!

Once upon a time, there was a dance pop group from Sweden called Army Of Lovers. They were deeply fab. The group started out with Alexander Bard (who was also in BWO and currently Gravitonas, and wrote a lot of songs for Alcazar), Jean-Pierre Barda and La Camilla. Their biggest hit was in 1991 with a song called "Crucified." It was massive in the clubs, and went something like this ...

Well, La Camilla left the group and was replaced by Michaela Dornoville de la Cour. After a year, they added Dominika Peczynski to the group. Michaela eventually left and La Camilla rejoined. And then the band went away after their last single in 2001 called "Hands Up!"

Well, all of that Army Of Lovers history leads me to a new single by a drag queen called Miss Inga. The song is called "Don't Try To Steal My Limelight" and features La Camilla and Dominika from Army Of Lovers. At first I wasn't so sure about the song. But the more I've listened to it and watched the video, I more I love it. Best of all, the song is on US iTunes already. And it's only 99 cents. Check out the video and consider buying the song! Enjoy!~

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