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Friday, July 1, 2011

September for the summer!

Today's feature is September. Singer Petra Marklund goes by the stage name of September. I found out about her in 2007 when her songs "Satellites", "Cry For You" and "Can't Get Over" soared up the US dance charts. And at the time, San Francisco had the best dance music radio station … Energy 92.7. But alas, they don't play dance music anymore.

Anyhow, September just released her 4th album earlier this year. Her Swedish-language single "Mikrofonk├ąt" was at the #1 spot in Sweden for 11 weeks. That was massive. Lucky for us, September has recorded the song in English and it is called "Me And My Microphone." It is available on iTunes in the US, too.

Her next single is a fun track called "Party In My Head" and just this past week in Sweden, September performed her new song as well a spirited version of "Mikrofonk├ąt." 

Apparently two videos have already been shot for both songs, so when they premier, I'll post them here. Until then, enjoy the fabulous performance.

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