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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Don't Wanna C U 2nite SoundFactory Remixes

Hello Everyone. My first blog entry was about Annikafiore. However, I imagine that some of you might not know who she is.

Well, Annikafiore was a founding member of the Swedish pop group Alcazar. She left the group in 2005 to be a mother. In 2009, she came back with a new group called Avatar Versus Eve, which put out 2 singles and then disbanded. Annikafiore went solo and in 2010 she put out her first single called "Forbidden Love". This year, she released her first solo EP.

And now is her new single, "Don't Wanna C U 2nite" is out ... remixes and all.

You can click here to buy them.

And here is the video!

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