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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sneaky Sound System

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Sometimes I am late to the party. Better late that never as I always say! My friend Maarten, who runs the wonderful Popsessed website, posted a video from a group called Sneaky Sound System on Saturday to his Facebook page. The song is called "Big." Well, I spent the next hour on YouTube watching videos from the group. And, well ... I'm hooked! Just watch and listen to this gorgeous, poptastic soaring melody ...

The group is from Australia. They are a duo consisting of singer Connie Mitchell and Angus McDonald (aka Black Angus). There have been other members and they were a trio for their first two albums. You can read their full history on their Wikipedia page.

Sneaky Sound System: Angus and Connie

Their self-titled debut album in 2006 went to #5 in Australia and spawned the singles "Hip Hip Hooray" (#78), "Tease Me", "I Love It" (#24), "Pictures" (#19), UFO (#11) and "Goodbye" (#33). Take note, Connie wasn't in the group during the first two singles.

Sneaky Sound System's sophomore album in 2008 went to #1 in Australia and featured the singles "Kansas City" (#14), "When We Were Young", "16" (#53), and "It's Not My Problem."

In 2009, the group did a song with DJ Tiësto called "I Will Be Here." And in the US, it went to #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay Chart. Sadly, I had never heard it. My clubbing days were long over by 2009.

Their third album called "From Here To Anywhere" was released in late 2011 and it went to #11 in Australia. It featured the singles "We Love" (#29), "Big" (#58), "Really Want To See You" and "Friends."

So I just found out about the group on Saturday. And I've been playing them ever since, with "Big" at the top of my playlist. I just can't get enough of that song. Thankfully, all of their albums are available on iTunes in the US. Definitely download the singles first, and then you'll want to pick up the rest of the albums. Start with the the song "Big" and then I'd highly recommend the song "Really Want To See You Again."

And the super-good news is that Sneaky Sound System is touring! And they will be in San Francisco on Friday, July 26th. Looks like I found out about them just in time. Thank you, Maarten. Here's their Summer Tour schedule ...

While I wish I had known about this group earlier, I'm very happy that I found out about them now instead of much later. Apparently there is a new song on the horizon coming out soon called "Sunlight." Yay!

Cheers then,

P.S. You can check out the group's official website and like their Facebook page!

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