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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Where is Whigfield in 2013?

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Last year, Poptastic Confessions reviewed the fantastic dance-pop album "W" by Whigfield. And I told you to watch out for three potential future singles from the album. Unfortunately, 2013 is now half over and there have been no more singles from the album.

Some history ... the first single was "C'est Cool" and it was released in 2011. However, I didn't know about last year. So it came in at #15 in my Top 20 of 2012.

The second single was the FABulous "4ever", which came in at #4 in my year-end list. It really is a sweet song.

The third single (and final?) was "Jeg Kommer Hjem" and it got a very interesting lyric video.

But there are three more songs that deserve to be singles. They are "Stay In My Head", "Devil Called Love" and "As I Go."

I couldn't find a link for the regular version of "As I Go" ... but you can hear it here in this fabulous album megamix ...

Singles these days don't have to be very expensive. And so many artists are making iPhone videos because they are budget-friendly and hip. Someone get Whigfield to make some iPhone videos for these three songs! They are too good to be passed up. I think you will agree.

Please buy the album on iTunes and support the artist. You can also like Whigfield's official Facebook page.

The best way to get more singles is to support the artist. So get busy!

Cheers then,

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  1. I totally agree that "Stay In My Head", "Devil Called Love" and "As I Go" should be the next singles released from "W", all three of them have massive hit potential and they would all go down a storm in clubs! I keep hoping that the "W" era isn't over yet, it's definitely her best era so far!