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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016 Pop Music Forecast Part 2

Dear Poptastic Readers,

We continue with Part 2 of our 2016 Pop Music Forecast! Click here if you missed Part 1. And here is our reminder of our writers (color fonts below) ...

Raoni = Purple
Nick = Blue
Davearama = Green
Ally = Red

Davearama: Ally wasn't with us for Part 1. So let's start with him. Ally, you are big fan of The Saturdays. What's going on with them?

Ally: We’re in for a treat The Saturdays solo outings! Three of the girls are currently in the early stages of recording solo material. First up is 26-year-old Vanessa White kicking off the new year with new track "Nostalga." Click on the song title to see the video. 

She also released a couple of buzz tracks back in the latter part of 2015 from forth-coming EP Chapter One starting with “Relationship Goals” and "Don't Wanna Be Your Lover." Vanessa is going for a mid-90s smooth R&B sound reminiscent of Brandy & Aaliyah. While this may not set the UK/global charts on fire, its a nice starting showcase from arguably the Saturdays strongest vocalist. Chapter One Released 19th February 2016 via Karma Artist Recordings.

Una Foden has been recording with duo The Shires, it looks as though the Irish star will be going down a country slant with her new material, although we've still to hear some previews we will no doubt hear more from Una later on in 2016.

Now onto everybody's favorite Saturday, Mollie King! In October of 2015, Mollie announced that she had indeed signed a record deal with Island Records (The first Saturday to sign with a major label). While the finer details are unknown, this is very promising indeed, Mollie has been working on her upcoming material in Sweden, which has lead to rumours that she might possibly be working with Max Martin. We can imagine a dance-pop sound is possible with Miss King, she is very open about her love and admiration for Britney Spears, so it is very likely she will channel a touch of Brit on her up coming material. Expect big things from her this year.

Nick, what else is going on?

Nick: All Saints should have a single and tour announcement soon. We will all say how amazing the new stuff sounds, but we can't wait for the hits live!

Speaking of summertime, a new Saint Etienne album will make you wish the English summer sun would come out just for the duration of at least one full listen.

Summertime? I think that will belong to return of the Spice Girls!

July 2016 is a massive milestone for this next group as it will mark 20 years since debut single "Wannabe" spent seven weeks at the top of the UK charts and kicking off a record-breaking career that contained nine UK #1 singles, two globally best-selling albums and sold-out stadium tours.

Melanie B as early as June last year, suggested in the media that "it would be rude not to celebrate the anniversary in some way" and some sources have suggested that the girls are on the brink of coming to an agreement that will see the group tour the UK for the first time in 8 years, and 4 years since their phenomenal performance at the London 2012 Olympics. There is also plenty speculation weather or not Victoria will join the group, as she has gone on record in the past to say that she had no interest in performing again.


Raoni: The Spice Girls were the first pop group I got interested in. I just had to watch the music video to “Say You’ll Be There” once and I was instantly a fan. They were the reason I started learning English. I remember as an 11-year-old boy sitting with the Spice album booklet and a dictionary and translating word by word of it so I could understand what they were singing about. Of course, being the only boy at school who admitted being a fan of them, I first experienced something that I would later learn was called homophobia. But I was a proud fan and never stopped liking them and displaying my affection. Sadly they never toured in Latin America and I never got to see them live. I am really excited that this year they may tour again and I hope and pray that I get the chance to make my inner gay boy’s dream come true!

Well, I was older than 11 when my friend Jennifer and I saw them in concert in 1998. As we stood in line to get in, there was a boy crying to his dad that some girls made fun of him for liking the Spice Girls. We quickly butted in and told him that we were in our 20s and we loved the Spice Girls. (Plus, we had the best clothes ... platform shoes and British flag shirts.) We told those girls that the true meaning of Girl Power was lost on them. They apologized to the boy and then asked us where we bought our clothes!

New material I've heard isn't an option either if rumours are to be true. However the tour looks promising at least, and it will be a welcome return if all goes to plan in the coming months!

SCARY, BABY, GINGER, POSH & SPORTY ... We salute you!!

Speaking of girl groups ... Sugababes?

Mutya Keisha and Siobhan will hopefully reveal they took so long following up "Flatline" so they could use the Sugababes name again and delight us with a whole album.

Goodness, I hope so. I had them on the 2015 Pop Music Forecast. Fans have waited so long. I do hope they release music this year. And I may be the only one, but I hope we haven't heard the last of Heidi, Amelle and Jade either.

Bananarama are touring Australia in February and hopefully their next album will be this spring. 

I'll predict Girls Aloud will reform in December without 'the appendix' of the group Cheryl ... Everybody listens to the new Nicola-penned song at the strike of 12 on New Years Eve and the world realises that war is not the answer and we all just dance ... Pop Music FTW.

I thought the appendix was Nadine! Anyhow ... yes! Come back!

How about Robyn, Nick? 

New Robyn album in August full of collaborations so cool it's slightly unnerving but oh so right. Right in the middle of the album, like the North Star is part 3 of the 'Heartbroken Robyn' trilogy of With Every Heartbeat/Dancing On My Own/????. It instantly becomes one of my fave records ever!

R.A.B.B.I.I. are also Swedish and they've been dropping hints all over social media that they have new music coming ... I think the song is called "Chameleon."

And that brings me back to the artists on the 2015 countdown ... Duran Duran needs to release more singles from Paper Gods. Please let "Danceaphobia" be one of the singles. It is my favourite! I'd be happy with "Last Night In The City."

I'm kinda bummed Madonna never released the title track "Rebel Heart" of her last album. I loved it so. I think she is probably done promoting the album, though. Pity.

Raoni, didn't you say the Pet Shop Boys have something super coming?

Yes! Check this out! I love the small clip it plays. Sounds amazing!

Well, we have more, so there will be a Part 3. Stay tuned ...

Cheers then,
Davearama, Ally, Nick and Raoni

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