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Friday, April 8, 2016

Top 100 Girl Groups/Bands: 1-20

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Welcome to Part 5 of our Top 100 countdown of our favourite Girl Groups and Girl Bands from around the world. Today we will list #21-40. Yesterday, we listed #21-40, and on Wednesday #41-60, and on Tuesday #61-80, and on #81-100 on Monday.

Special thanks to Raoni, Nick, Ally, Jason, Ted, Denny, Norm, Craig, Anthony, JT, Jef, Nico, Pascal, Mike, and Arturo.

And here is the Top 20!

P.S. I ran out of time last night linking all the songs. Too many to do. I will update them this weekend.

20. Wilson Phillips: This trio had three #1s with "Hold On", "Release Me", and "Impulsive" in the early 90s.

18. The Pipettes: This UK group started off as a trio in, but after the first album in 2006 two members left leaving singer Gwenno to recruit her sister Ani for the second album in 2010. They had wonderful songs like "Pull Shapes", "Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me", "Because It's Not Love (But It's Still A Feeling)", "Stop The Music", "Call Me" and "Boo Shuffle." Read my interviews with Ani and Gwenno here.

17. En Vogue: They started off as a quartet and ended as trio. Their 90s hits included "Hold On", "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)", "Free Your Mind", "Whatta Man" (with Salt 'N' Pepa), and "Don't Let Go (Love)."

16. Mel & Kim: This UK sister duo act had four hits in the UK between 1986 and 1988. Sadly, Mel (who had been diagnosed with cancer) died in 1990 at the age of 23. Their hits were "Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend)", "Respectable", "F.L.M." and "That's The Way It Is."

15. Salt 'N' Pepa: They are a rap duo with DJ Spinderella, who also sings and raps ... so a trio they are. They are best known for "Push It", "Expression", "Let's Talk About Sex", "Shoop", "Whatta Man" and "None Of Your Buisness."

13. Destiny’s Child: This Texas-based group started off as a quartet and ended as trio before disbanding so that leader BeyoncĂ© could go solo. They are most known for their song "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Say My Name""Independent Women Pt. 1""Survivor""Bootylicious", and "Lose My Breath."

12. Atomic Kitten: This lovely trio from England had hits like "Right Now", "I Want Your Love""Whole Again", "Eternal Flame""It's OK""The Tide Is High", and "Be With You."

11. TLC: This wonderful R&B trio had amazing songs like "Creep", "Waterfalls", "No Scrubs", and "Unpretty."

10. The Bangles: This L.A.-based band had a lot of hits with "Manic Monday", "Walk Like An Egyptian", "Eternal Flame", and "Hazy Shade Of Winter"

9. The Pointer Sisters: This group of sisters had hits in the 70s and 80s with songs like "Fire", "He's So Shy", "I'm So Excited", "Jump (For My Love)" and "Neutron Dance"

8. The Supremes: This Motown Girl Group set the bar for all other groups. And lead singer Diana Ross went on to have a huge career. They are most known for their songs in the 60s and 70s like "Where Did Our Love Go?", "Baby Love", "Stop! In The Name Of Love" to name but a few!

7. The Go-Go’s: This 80s girl band was massive. They hits like "Our Lips Are Sealed", We Got The Beat", "Vacation", "Head Over Heels" and "Turn To You."

6. All Saints: This quartet from England had massive hit on both sides of the Atlantic in 1998 with "Never Ever." They also had a string of UK hits with "Under The Bridge", "Lady Marmalade", "Pure Shores", "Black Coffee" and their latest single is "One Strike."

5. Girls Aloud: This English group had a lot of hits like "Sound Of The Underground", "No Good Advice", "The Show", "Love Machine", "Biology", "The Promise" and "Something New."

4. Sugababes: This UK girl group are most famous for their rotating members. The trio that made the first album was not the trio that made the last album. Still, fans love them with hits like "Overload", "Freak Like Me", "Round Round", "Hole In The Head", "Push The Button", "Red Dress", "About You Now", "Girls", "Get Sexy", "About A Girl" and "Wear My Kiss." And the last single by the original lineup who recorded "Flatline" under the name Mutya Keisha Siobhan.

3. Shakespear’s Sister: This UK-based duo actually started out as a solo project for Siobhan Fahey after she left Bananarama. The project morphed into a duo and they produced two great albums before imploding. Siobhan carried on under the name after Marcella left. They had songs like "Break My Heart", "You're History", "Goodbye Cruel World", "Stay", "I Don't Care" and "Hello Turn Your Radio On."

2. Spice Girls: This UK five piece dominated the world in the late 90s with Girl Power. From 1996 to 2000, all but one of their singles went to #1 in the UK. The one that didn't went to #2. Their hits were "Wannabe", "Say You'll Be There", "2 Become 1", "Who Do You Think You Are?", "Spice Up Your Life", "Too Much", "Stop", "Viva Forever", "Goodbye", "Holler" and "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)."

1. Bananarama: This London-based group started off as a joke in 1981. They were a trio then and scored hits like "Really Saying Something", "Shy Boy", "Cruel Summer", "Robert De Niro's Waiting", "Venus", "I Heard A Rumour" and "Love In The First Degree." 

Siobhan, Keren & Sara were Bananarama 1981-1988.

In 1988, Siobhan left and Jacquie joined. They carried on with songs like "I Want You Back", "Love, Truth & Honesty", "Nathan Jones", "Only Your Love" and "Preacher Man." 

Keren, Sara and Jacquie were Bananarama 1988-1991

Jacquie left in 1991, and since then Sara and Keren have carried on as a duo with songs like "Movin' On", "More, More, More", "Every Shade Of Blue", "Take Me To Your Heart", "Move In My Direction", "Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango)", "Love Comes" and "Now Or Never." 

Keren and Sara are Bananarama 1992-Present

Bananarama entered the Guinness Book of World Record in 1988 for having the most chart hits for an all-girl group. It is a record they still hold today. They were overwhelmingly chosen as the #1 group by all who participated in the poll.

We hope you enjoyed the list. We will try out best to come up with another Top 100 list next month.

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Cheers then,