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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Pay Me and Money by Rebecca & Fiona

Dear Poptastic Readers,

Swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona have released a new single which appears to be a double-A side and the songs are called "Pay Me" and "Money."

Last week, there was a mysterious post on their Facebook page that says this is the last single of an era. And fans are left wondering if this is the end of Rebecca  & Fiona. Have a look ...

We must admit that we haven't been crazy about this era of Rebecca & Fiona. We bought their Party Hard EP last year, but we only liked the singles so we didn't review it. They had a Christmas single "Cold As X-mas" that came out during our countdown so we didn't highlight it. They also had a single out this spring called "Pop Bitches" but we didn't like it either as it was a departure from their electropop sound that we loved so much.

We aren't jumping up and down for the new songs, but we will add them to our 2017 Poptastic Confessions Spotify Playlist and perhaps they will grow on us. In the meantime, you can hear both songs on Spotify here ...

We hope this isn't the end of Rebecca & Fiona. And we really hope they release more music like our favorite song by them: "Union"

Cheers then,


P.S. You can like Rebecca & Fiona's Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. Don't forget to like Poptastic Confessions Facebook page and follow Davearama on Twitter.

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