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Sunday, December 29, 2013

#3 Song of 2013

Dear Poptastic Readers,

#3 in my favourite songs of 2013 is “Union” by Rebecca & Fiona. You can click on the song title to see what Poptastic Confessions had to say about it previously. 

My friend Rao of the Brazilian blog Disco Attacks first introduced me to Rebecca & Fiona earlier in the year when he sent me the videos for “Jane Doe” and “Taken Over” (#12 on my countdown this year). I liked the songs, but somehow I was distracted by something else and didn’t give them their proper attention — until “Union” came along. This amazing song captivated me from the first moment I heard it. And it made me go bonkers for the Swedish DJ duo. I’m not sure what it is about this song, but I absolutely love it.

The video is FABulous and I love the ABBA-esque styling. And there is something about their attitude that reminds me of Keren and Sara of Bananarama. And they also remind me of my friend Jen and I from back in 90s.

Rebecca & Fiona came to San Francisco twice this year. And I didn’t see them either time as they were performing very, very late at a trendy club aimed at people in their 20s. I don’t fit the bill anymore. Oh well.

Their sophomore album should be out next year. Their debut album called I Love You, Man and it is ace! “Bullets” being one of my favourite tracks. There is a fabulous new track called "Hot Shots" that is part of a fundraising effort for AIDS awareness. I'm unsure if it is the next single or not. If it is, watch for it on next year's list!

“Union” is available on iTunes. Don’t delay ... Buy it today.

Cheers then,

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